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A musical show with Elvis’ “Aloha Show” and a tribute to the Killer performed by Chris Watson and the band “Of Course”, complete with brass section and backing vocals.

It's Elvis!!!!

Screams many folks when they first see the show.
In Fact many people can't believe their eyes.
His strong resemblance to the King has gotten him attention from all over the world.
But it’s not just another pretty face!
His voice is just as unbelievable.

Elvis Tribute by Strictly Elvis

Strictly Elvis, a show filled with the songs made famous by Elvis.
They are performing their tribute to the King, Elvis Presley, for some years now and has built an excellent reputation as arguably the best live band in the scene.
They bring you songs with power, Rock 'n Roll songs that will make you swing and ballads full of passion and emotions.

This all will be brought to you during an energetic show, where the original performer will be in everybody's thoughts.
This show is performed at a very unique level, that hasn't met its match yet in Holland.
The show is also meant for the big group of enthusiastic Elvis fans that go insane during the show.

It's Jerry!!!!Chris Watson
Chris Watson (The Piano Killer) -together with his band; double bass, and drums, brings a rough and ‘rocking’ show like Jerry Lee Lewis , without being a Lewis impersonator.
People who’ve seen this performer for the first time, cannot believe their ears and eyes. Systematic he can get everybody rocking.
During his concerts he’s not only improvising the most incredible piano solo’s with his fingers but also with the tips of his western boots, his elbows and sometimes even with his fists.

A Chris Watson show brings You back to the glory years of the ‘Sun label’ with a good mix of Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Carl Perkins, Little Richard and many others.
Great artists he played with -Scotty Moore, D.J. Fontana, Sonny Burgess, Nancy Holloway, the Magic Platters and the Jordonaires called his performances fantastic and impressive.
In Europe Chris Watson regular appears on television, together with many famous artists. 

Zeist Pasar Cultuur Festival Istimewa 1 Juni 2012The band

OF COURSE, founded in 1987, is one of those bands who combine a well balanced mixture of  'old-time' Rock & Roll & Sixties.
On demand the band can be expanded with a 3-piece brass section and backing vocals.